A Few Email Excerpts Received During the Race

Hope you did well. It's now time for LA Marathon or bust!†††

I donít know if you all will get this or not...but...

Good Luck to all...Run goodly and be safe.

Iíll be here being bored and thinking about you all.

Oh yeah, and running the City.

Joseph Lombardi


Please convey my congrats to those who have run so far and best of luck to those who are yet to run.Wish I was there.

Go BHPD!!!

Frank Salcido

Hello everyone...was hoping to follow the progress from home, but Iím not finding any updates.How have the first seven runners finished?Good luck to everyone - Hope you are doing well, Jim.

Hello to Ilene and Howard, if theyíre there.


Sorry I didnít look far enough!