All Runners:

Bring your Police ID with you to the Highland Inn Hotel, you will need your ID at the start of your leg to register.

Be at the hotel at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time. One Runner will drive your van out to the first leg, then each runner will take turns driving the van to the following legs until all runners have completed their legs. At that time, all runners will take the same van back to the Highland Inn Hotel (See below).

There will be maps in each van for all drivers. If you are unsure as to where to drive, please ask a veteran runner in your van (McClafferty, Tomlin, Givens, Subin, Tanner, Thurman, Balleweg, Schmidt, Armour, Duncan) or if you run into an emergency, call Tyler or Phil (Matt will be on the course running). Tyler and Phil will be driving a van on the course for the entire race.

Bring with you a small bag of personal items, cold weather gear, snacks, water, etcÖThere will be snacks and water in the follow van and the support van but if you get stranded somewhere, itís always a good idea to have your own supply.

The Race Plan above is fairly easy to follow but if you have any questions, please donít hesitate to ask me (Tyler), Matt or Phil. It is on you to get to and from the Highland Inn so please make arrangements ahead of time or cab it there.

Not that I need to tell you but there is absolutely no alcohol on the course. If there is alcohol found in any teams van or any memberís possession, BHPD will be disqualified from the race.

Another newer rule is that for legs 19 and 20, there are no headphones allowed while you run (Safety Issues).

Also, while driving out to Vegas please be aware that the Sheriffs and CHP WILL ABSOLUTELY write you a ticket for violations or you can choose to take a green slip/10 minute penalty for your team. Take your time, plan ahead and drive the speed limit. And donít eat two footlong subway sandwiches before you run your race like I did 3 years ago, bad times.

Good Luck,

Tyler, Matt and Phil


Highland Inn Hotel

8025 Dean Martin Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89139


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