FOLLOW VAN                    DRIVER                                 PASSENGERS

 Legs 1-5                                Irwin Salgado                    Matt Clark/Julian Reyes

 Legs 6-10                             Cora Collera                       Lynda Arriaga/Phil Arriaga

 Legs 11-15                           Clara Choi                           Michael Sholley/Eunice Oh

 Legs 16-20                           Micaela Garland              Jackie Garland/Michelle Fieler\         

The Follow Van will remain on the course the entire race. The Follow Van will be driven to Leg #1 by Irwin for inspection and set up. Irwin will leave Vegas at 10:00 AM and arrive to the start of the race by 12:00PM for check in.

Cora will leave Vegas with the relief van at 1:00 PM and arrive to leg #6 at 3:30 PM for relief. The drivers of all the follow vans will be briefed on proper procedures in exchanges from the follow van to the relief van. When Cora arrives to the area of leg #6 she will radio Irwin and make the exchange of the vehicles. Irwin will drive the relief vehicle back to Vegas (TI Hotel) and provide the key for the relief vehicle to Clara Choi for return to the course.

Clara will leave Vegas in the relief vehicle at 6:30 PM and arrive to leg #11 at 8:30 PM. When the Follow Vehicle has cleared the starting area of leg #11 Clara will relieve Cora as the driver of the Follow Vehicle. Cora and her passengers will return to Vegas (TI Hotel) with the relief van and provide the key of the relief van to Micaela.

Micaela will leave Vegas in the relief van at 1:00 AM and arrive to leg #16 at 1:45 AM. Micaela will radio the Follow Van when she arrives to the course and make the van exchange after the runner for leg #16 has cleared the starting area for his leg. When the exchange is complete Clara and her passengers can return to Vegas. Micaela will remain with the Follow Van until the completion of the race.

 The drivers and passengers of the Follow Van will be provided with the rules and regulations mandated by the race coordinators. It is important to know that the Team Roster will be maintained in the Follow Van and upon completion of the race the Roster Shall be turned it to the race officials at the finish line within 15 minutes of our teams finish.



Runners Van 1

Leg #1 – Ryan Lawrence                                            

Leg #2 – Jay Kim                                

Leg #3 – Matt Thurman

Support Team #1: Legs 1-5 Sunday Arriaga/Norma Arriaga


10:15 AM – Runners and Support Teams leave Vegas and drop Lawrence at start of Leg #1 by 12:00 PM.   From that point the runners will be sure to leave in time to ensure they can check in for their upcoming legs. The support team will be responsible to catch the runners and upon completion of leg #3 by Thurman, the Runner Van will return to Vegas (TI Hotel) and provide the key to Van #1 to Matteson, who will be returning to course with runners.


Runners Van 2

Leg #4 –Tyler Blondi

Leg #5 –Ann Lunsman

Leg #6-Max Subin

Support Team 2 Legs 6-12 

Robert Redding/Tay

Runner Van leave Vegas at 1200 PM and drop off Blondi at leg #4 by 2:00 PM. Support Team #2 will leave Vegas by 1:45 PM and arrive to start of leg #6 by 3:30 PM. The Runner Van will be responsible for leaving and arriving at each of the following legs with time for the runner to check in. Support Van #1 will be responsible for catching the runners through leg #5 and driving them to the start of leg #6 at which time Support Team #2 will arrive at the course and assume the duties of catching the runners. Upon completion of Leg #7 the Runner Van will return to Vegas with Blondi, Lunsman and Subin. Support Team #2 will continue catching runners until the completion of leg #12 (Shan Davis). Upon completion of leg #12 the Runner Van #4 and Support Team #2 will return to Vegas.  The driver of Runner Van #2 will contact  Schmidt  or Dibble when they arrive back to TI Hotel and provide them with the key to the Runner Van 2 to return to the course.

Runner Van 3

Leg #7-Joel Givens

Leg #8-Marcus Moloznick

Leg #9-Nick Dimento

Runner Van 3 will leave Vegas at 2:30 PM and arrive to leg #7 at 4:30. The Runners will be responsible to arrive at the following legs and Support Team will be responsible for catching the runners and transporting then to the completion of leg # 9 at which time Runner Van 3 will return to Vegas.

Runner Van 4

Leg #10-Josh Cudworth

Leg #11-Dave Tomlin

Leg #12-Shan Davis

Runner Van 4 will leave Vegas at 5:30 PM and arrive to leg #10 at 7:45 PM and drop off Cudworth. The remaining runners will be responsible to arrive at the following legs in order to check in. Support Team 2 will be responsible for catching the runners through leg #12. Upon completion of Leg #12 both Runner Van 4 and Support Team 2 will return to Vegas.

Runner Van 5

Leg #13-Dan Tanner

Leg #14-Dale Drummond

Leg#15-Doug Matteson

Leg #16-Anthony Alonzo

Runner Van 5 will leave Vegas at 8:00 PM and arrive to leg #13 at 9:30 PM. Runner Van #5 will have Support Team 3 in the same van. Runner Van 5 will have the parking placard for stage #16. Only one vehicle for each team is allowed to park at leg #16 so Van 5 will catch Matteson when he completes leg #15 and they will drop off Alonzo for his run on leg #16. After Alonzo has started leg #16 Van 5 will return to Vegas.


Runner Van 6

Leg #17-Jeff Schmidt

Leg#18-Scott Dibble

Leg #19-Dave Dunan

Support Team 3

Eric Lee/Chief Snowden (Tentative)

Runner Van 6 and Support Team 3 will leave Vegas at 1:30 and arrive to leg #17 at 2:15 AM. Support Team 3 will be responsible for catching Alonzo when he completes leg #16 and catch the remaining runners through leg #19 (Leg #20 does not require a catcher) . Runner Van 6 will return to Vegas when Duncan completes leg #19. 

Dave Armour will be running leg 19 and using his private vehicle



      Start Time


         Est. End








1:00:00 PM


1:39:00 PM








1:39:00 PM


2:13:00 PM








2:13:00 PM


2:48:00 PM








2:48:00 PM


3:38:00 PM








3:38:00 PM


4:27:00 PM








4:27:00 PM


5:19:00 PM








5:19:00 PM


6:14:00 PM








6:14:00 PM


7:10:00 PM








7:10:00 PM


8:10:00 PM








8:10:00 PM


9:00:00 PM








9:00:00 PM


9:48:00 PM








9:48:00 PM


10:28:00 PM








10:28:00 PM


11:24:00 PM








11:24:00 PM


12:59:00 AM








12:59:00 AM


2:12:00 AM








2:12:00 AM


3:00:00 AM








3:00:00 AM


4:01:00 AM








4:01:00 AM


4:46:00 AM








4:46:00 AM


5:29:00 AM








5:29:00 AM


6:05:00 AM






















Bring your Police ID with you to the Highland Inn Hotel, you will need your ID at the start of your leg to register.


Be at the hotel at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time. One Runner will drive your van out to the first leg, then each runner will take turns driving the van to the following legs until all runners have completed their legs. At that time, all runners will take the same van back to the Highland Inn Hotel (See below).

 There will be maps in each van for all drivers. If you are unsure as to where to drive, please ask a veteran runner in your van (Tomlin, Givens, Subin, Tanner, Thurman, Balleweg, Schmidt) or if you run into an emergency, call Tyler or Phil or Matt (Cell phone reception is spotty out there).

 Bring with you a small bag of personal items, cold weather gear, snacks, water, etc…There will be snacks and water in the follow van and in the support van but if you get stranded somewhere, it’s always a good idea to have your own supply.

 The Race Plan above is fairly easy to follow but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me (Tyler), Matt or Phil. It is on you to get to and from the Highland Inn so please make arrangements ahead of time or cab it there.

 Not that I need to tell you but there is absolutely no alcohol on the course. If there is alcohol found in any teams van or any member’s possession, BHPD will be disqualified from the race.

Also, while driving out to Vegas please be aware that the Sheriffs and CHP WILL ABSOLUTELY write you a ticket for violations or you can choose to take a green slip/10 minute penalty for your team. Take your time, plan ahead and drive the speed limit.

 Good Luck,


Tyler, Matt and Phil


Highland Inn Hotel

8025 Dean Martin Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89139




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